Introducing NEW royalty-free footage shot on the RED One camera!


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At uberstock, we understand that quality content is the key to your media production. With that in mind, our standard shoots include the same tools and talent you'll find on major Hollywood productions, including a 3-ton grip and lighting package, professional camera and cinematography support, professional gaffers, grips, stylists, art directors, and more.


Our footage is acquired at a minimum HD resolution of 1080p. RED Digital Cinema footage is acquired at 4K resolution at standard frame rates and at 2K resolution for slow-motion or "over-cranked" footage. Downloadable footage is available at iStockphoto as 1080p HD PHOTO-JPEG QuickTime files, as well as other standard definition and web-resolution formats.


For custom footage, we can deliver in almost ANY format you require; From Pro-Res 4:4:4 to Targa Sequences to H.264. Call us to learn more.

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