What our clients have to say about us.


"The files look great -- and the speed of delivery was exceptional.  Thanks to uberstock for helping me freshen up my website -- several customers have already complimented us on the new look.”

David A. -- Lake Tahoe, CA, USA
April, 2010

"uberstock provided me with the required footage in a quick and straightforward way and even helped me with necessary changes at short notice. Highly recommended!" 

Jan H. -- Cologne, Germany
March, 2010

"First impressions are everything -  thanks to the uberstock creative team, visitors to our website have complete understanding of our company and our brand. They combined several videos, added in our logo and even laid a soundtrack over the final product.

We had searched for many months to find a firm that could deliver quickly and for a reasonable price  --  uberstock has proven themselves to be my number-one stop for video!”

Owen E. -- New York, NY, USA
March, 2010

"We had difficulty finding a certain flash image for our website. We then got a quote with a local designer and they wanted to charge us £800 British Pounds. uberstock had a similar image and they agreed to customise this to our exact requirements – and for less money.

We placed the order very late in December, thinking uberstock would start the project in the New Year. But they got onto the case straight away. We received our final product at around 8pm on the 31st of December....when most people were out celebrating New Years!

We were extremely satisfied with the product, the time it was delivered and the price. I would most certainly recommend uberstock to anyone who needs any images.”

Dee L. -- London, UK
January, 2010

"uberstock delivered above and beyond – they provided several last-minute alterations to the file to make sure that the image met our specifications PERFECTLY! I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for cutting edge imagery."

Derek M. -- Toronto, Canada
November, 2009

"Working with uberstock was a great experience. I called and asked if they could create a clip for our organization and in just 2 days it was delivered. Working with their staff was what we need in the workplace again – Professionalism!”

Jason D. -- Austin, TX, USA
October, 2009

"When we needed a customized video clip, uberstock delivered on time and on budget with top quality.  I'll use them again and will refer them to colleagues, and friends!"

Matt G. -- Killeen, TX, USA
September, 2009



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