Robb Crocker  |  Founder & CEO

As founder and CEO, Robb’s committed focus is to work and play hard, maintain an unquenchable thirst for learning, and serve others ahead of himself. He believes in Les Schwab’s founding philosophy that the best way to build a company is to “build people.” To that end, his primary roles at Uberstock are three-fold: to recruit, coach, and nurture talent; to serve clients like family; and to seek new and better business and production practices. His primary role at home is to be the best husband and father he can be to his wife and their three girls.

Nick Perkiss  |  Post-production Supervisor

Nick is the “wise old man” of Uberstock. He knows stock like he knows how to rock a jerry curl faux hawk… beauty lies in the attention to detail. When Nick is not busy perfecting clips in post production, he’s probably at home playing with his cat and growing lettuce in his basement. Nick is serious about his leafy greens, but he’ll always make room for a cheesy dish of poutine and a mean game of DotA. Take those nerds to school Nick, take them to school.

Andrew Schaffer  |  Producer / Director

Andrew began his journey to Uberstock as a humble, determined intern, and he kicked ass so hard that Uberstock had to have him on their team permanently. He’s super awesome, super organized, down for anything, and as if stock footage doesn’t keep him busy enough, Andrew is always taking on new personal projects. How does he do it all? What’s his secret? Burritos. He eats a lot of them. And he may be from Sandy, Oregon but they sure know how to wrap their carne asada.

Kelsie Gallagher  |  Releaser of Models and Upload Apprentice

Kelsie, aka Andrew’s awesome sister, is a photographer-turned-video-clip-naming-wizard. Working in stock footage was an unexpected twist for Kelsie, but man she knows how to keyword like a boss. When she’s not killing it at metadata entry, Kelsie is hanging out with her family, shopping at Target, or doing puzzles with her cat. One day when Kelsie is running her own photography business, Uberstock will remember her as the sweet, honest, crepe-loving lady who sometimes spilled or broke things. That’s why we love her!
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